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Janna Kool, the redheaded illustrator

I'm Janna Kool (1980), Dutch illustrator with red hair. Since 2005 I have been living in Rotterdam. In 2004 I graduated as a media artist at the Art Academy in Enschede. After several jobs as an illustrator, designer and editor in part-time employment, I ventured a move to fulltime entrepreneurship in October 2010. I work spontaneously and in commission by both companies and individuals.


Typically Janna: playful, fresh and bright

Walking trees, fantastic traffic jams and an imaginative tribute to the daydream. Yeah, that's typically Janna. Themes that are often reflected in my work are landscapes, layering and traveling. These topics are (in)directly about people and society. For an applied task the content is dependent on requirements of the client. The atmosphere in my drawings: playful, fresh and bright.


Sustainable techniques

Ink and watercolor are my favorite drawing materials. And I'm a big fan of watercolor board, that doesn't curve. I also pay extra attention on the sustainability of the drawings, so I buy my art supplies from professional drawing stores. Depending on the purpose and future use of the illustration, I choose a technique. This can be paper + pen or one of many computer graphics programs from Adobe. I use software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Flash.


Moving drawings

I make animated films and installations for online and offline use. For example in the reception area of a company, a waiting room or during an event:


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